Guide to stick Twistico Icons

How to stick a Twistico Icon Sticker.

First of all, check that the "cold side" of the tap is in fact on the right. Just in rare cases it is on the left and if is useless to place an icon.

The Icons are waterproof and stick to virtually every possible surface, tiles, mirrors, faucet chrome, plastic, etcetera. But try to avoid surfaces with a texture, preferably the surface is completely smooth and flat.

Choose a spot near the faucet so the water tap user cannot miss it. Preferably place it in the middle, in line with the faucet.

Clean the surface with a bit of water and soap if available. Make sure you dry it thoroughly before proceeding.

Peel off the backside from the icon sticker and stick the icon to the surface, pressing thoroughly with your thumbs once it is in place.

You could ask permission in advance, from the owner of the cafe, the hotel, the office or where ever you are, but personally I never have. It is actually fun to stick the icons secretly and no one knows who did it. The stickers can be removed easily if needed and after having placed hundreds of icons over Europe, I never heard any complaints. I'd say, no harm done.

In any case. BE CERTAIN to avoid annoying the owner! By sticking the icon at a spot where it cannot be removed easily or cause any other possible annoyance. And please make sure it is mounted horizontal!!

The most effective Twistico Icons are the ones that stay there for years and years!!

Now just enjoy the smile on your face and the good feeling!