About Twistico

The Twistico concept what created in 2012 by Simon "Butterfly" as a way to reduce waste of hot water at single handle mixer water taps. Working hard to stick the icons where ever a mixer tap was in operation. But...this approach was doomed to fail as a real movement.

In November 2022, after experiencing quite some bad environmental things far abroad, I decided to commit myself to revive the Twistico idea. So here we are, with new design, new website, social media presence and full passionate commitment.

I know, from many users of Twistico icons here in Europe that the concept does really work. Twistico icons really DO make a difference. Either by saving hot water, saving money or even just by saving hot water for the ones that really need it, like less cold showers for camping guests :-).

The Twistico Savehotwater organisation is based in the Netherlands, Europe and we are very much open to hear from you through whatever channel you choose. Here are our details:

SIM IS - Twistico
p/o box 807
7301BB  Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
+31-555 33 33 76
twistico @ savehotwater.org
Reg. no. : HR08062325
VAT no. : NL001621052B84

Terms and conditions

I thank everyone who participates in our movement!

It takes just one flame to start a fire.
Just one person to start a movement.
Without fuel the fire won't grow.
I need you to be the movements fuel!

So thank you all!